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"The discerning heart seeks knowledge" - Proverbs 15:14 NIV

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The Supreme’s is a Learning Centre that provides an opportunity with the most comprehensive and effective options for all students from Pre K.G to College degree and adults.

The Supreme’s Centre For Learning is designed to help you or your child fulfill your potential and be the best you can be. Whether you or your child are finding school or college challenging, we create a learning plan designed to help gain and apply knowledge, gain confidence and obtain good results. We support children of all abilities – whether naturally talented or those with special educational needs...

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We are currently providing online education to individuals who are unable to make it for classes in a traditional set up due to Covid-19 Crisis.

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The teaching here is way better than any other tuition centre in Chennai. I've improved a lot ever since I came to this tuition and I easily recommend it to anyone for advanced English Grammar, Spoken English, Maths and Science.

- Pranav A, Student


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A Rita Francis

    Is the Founder & Teacher at Supreme's with 30+ years experience. She loves switching on light bulbs with her students – facilitating those ‘aha moments’ that makes them to be better learners. She is truly passionate about her work and always eager to connect with the students. Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Degree in Hindi and Master's Degree in English Literature.

    Chenkodi Francis

      Manager and Teacher at Supreme's, creating impact for the past 15 years in the education space. Passionate Teacher; Motivational agent; Seasoned executor in delivering good quality service every single day. Holds a Master's Degree in Engineering. 

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