How to clear your exams in College?

Updated: May 18, 2019

1. Collect all the study material, past year question papers and text books initially.

2. Prepare a timetable and follow it as it will help you be organised.

3. Keep a fixed time to study each day. Remember to take breaks in between sessions.

4. Based on the level of difficulty rank the subjects.

5. For first few days, study the subject which is easier for you to prepare as this will motivate you to study more. Then you can mix in tough subjects to study.

6. Write down points as you study as this will help you to remember them.

7. Prepare based on the previous year question papers.

8. Go through the class notes if available.

9. Study the subjects each day. Don't put it off until the last moment.

11. To avoid arrears, just listen to the lectures and be attentive in class.

12. Eat, sleep and wake up on time.

13. Don't give up.

All the best.

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