Benefits of Grammar to improve your English.

Updated: May 18, 2019

Good grammar is the essence to any language. Proper use of grammar is a mark of smartness and education in today's digital world. It helps in creating a lasting positive impression if you express yourself clearly.

Let's take a look at the benefits of grammar:

1. Without grammar, the right communication is not possible.

For example: Consider the sentence, "We are gong to practice to cut and cook friends!"

This sentence means we are going to practice to cut and cook friends. The sentence is not properly punctuated, paving way for confusion.

2. It helps in avoiding misunderstandings.

"We are going to practice to cut and cook, friends!" This sentence means we are going to cut and cook along with friends. Just a "comma" makes a lot of difference.

3. Improves your writing skills and thereby gives you credibility.

Flawless writing brings in a higher perspective and credibility about the writer, who will be esteemed highly. Being highly esteemed helps in building a high reputation.

4. Being able to express yourself clearly to your listener helps you to succeed in your job/business.

Vocabulary along with grammar paves the way to presenting the substance or notion or concept to the point, without much beating around the bush. Thus making your concepts crisp and clear, to the listener.

5. Helps in making career advancement.

Listening skill with the aptitude to understand precisely the concept that is being spoken and replying back with great language skills bring in a higher elevation to your career growth.

6. It helps you thrive in our competitive world.

The remarkable 'written' and 'functional' skills in the English language will help you to reach higher echelons of the society that you are living in.

Vocabulary, Application of Grammar, Punctuation, Intonation, Listening, Writing, Reading, Comprehension and Speaking - All these work together to present your concepts, to be understood perfectly.

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