What is your learning style?

Updated: May 18, 2019

Socrates once said, "Know thyself".

Every person has his/her own learning style. So the best way to get good marks at School or College is to know what is your learning style and then trying to be better at it. The person's styles are not fixed but may vary depending on the circumstances.

You can find out your dominant learning style and use it to your advantage improving your learning.

There are seven styles of learning:

  1. Visual (Spatial) : The person prefers pictures, images and spatial understanding.

  2. Aural (Auditory-Musical) : The person prefers sound and music.

  3. Verbal (Linguistic) : The person prefers using words both in speech and writing.

  4. Physical (Kinaesthetic) : The person prefers using body, hands and sense of touch.

  5. Logical (Mathematical) : The person prefers using logic and reasoning.

  6. Social (Interpersonal) : The person prefers to learn in groups.

  7. Solitary (Intrapersonal) : The person prefers to work alone and use self study.

Of these seven types, the three primary learning styles are Visual learning, Auditory learning and Kinaesthetic learning.

To learn a concept well:

  • If you are a Visual learner, you can write down salient points, use highlighters to highlight important points in your text. Draw a flowchart explaining the topic, draw diagrams and focus on the information to learn the concept well.

  • If you are an Auditory learner, you should listen to presentations or someone recite the topic to you. You can also effectively use Voice recorders while reading the topic and listen to it multiple times for effective learning.

  • If you are a Kinaesthetic learner, it will help you if you learn the topic by performing experiments and activities.

To achieve best possible results in School or College, you can choose multiple learning styles and be more effective.

If you want to learn more about the learning styles and strategies, you can visit www.learning-styles-online.com

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