Learning Centre Vs Tuition Centre

Updated: May 18, 2019

With Coaching centres around every corner of the city to help students get good grades, it becomes necessary for parents to choose the right centre for their children. Below are some of the differences between a Learning centre and a Tuition centre:

Tuition Centre:

>> Students are mainly taught rote learning.

Rote learning is memorization technique where material is learned by repetition. Students find application of knowledge obtained by this method very hard.

>> Students are spoon-fed, the teacher works out all the problems of the textbook and the students copy what the teacher has worked out on the board and memorization of the concept is mostly encouraged.

>> Everything is taught by focusing from the exam point of view.

>> Quick solution to bad grades.

>> Teachers who are generally passionate about teaching are often found in this type of centre.

Learning Centre:

>> This centre promotes independent and meaningful learning.

Meaningful learning is engaging oneself with materials and learning to apply the knowledge obtained.

>> Students are given tasks and teachers help them along the way to understand the concepts. Individual attention is given.

>> Students are taught using customized teaching content and employ methods to fit each student uniquely.

>> Takes a little bit longer to show good grades but is effective and provides good and lasting knowledge and great skills.

>> Teachers who work here are not only passionate about teaching but also have great skills. They are like an educational coach who help students become better learners. This not only helps the students at school and college but also helps them in their career and beyond.

“Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.” – John Holt

The Supreme's Centre For Learning is a learning centre that has helped students and adults for the past 22 years to be better learners and excel in academics.

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