Brain Teasers #1

Updated: May 18, 2019

Brain Teasers are perfect workout activity for your brain. Your brain will be healthier; keeping memory accurate and thought processes clear. It is always good to assemble puzzles, play strategic games, analyze and solve riddles or problems,

Here are few Brain Teasers to engage you. You can even enjoy playing these with your friend or loved one.

Even if you don’t get the answers right, your brain will receive an excellent and much-needed workout.

1) Raj had made some new friends.

He asked them, “I have a Car. Can you guess what colour it is?”

John said, "I guess it’s not black".

Diane said, "It’s either red, or white".

Lisa said "I know it’s red".

Raj said, "At least one of you is right & at least one of you is wrong."

What is the colour of his car if the colour is one of the above?

2) Miriam celebrated her birthday today but her twin sister Evangeline would celebrate her birthday day after tomorrow. Miriam and Evangeline are twins, born with six hours difference. How could this be possible?

3) You are locked inside a rectangular room with plenty of drinking water to quench your thirst. The room has no roof, three windows and a 30 centimeter pipe fixed vertically on the floor with a ping pong ball inside of it. There is no way that your hand can enter the pipe. You are provided a comb and asked to remove the ping pong ball from the pipe, how would you do it?

4) Rearrange the jumbled alphabets in the following four options and find the odd word among them.

a) OYJ




5) Add mathematical signs (+,-,x,/) in between all or some of the digits in the number 5351621, so as to obtain resulting equation as 100.

6) Make 720 with 5 zeros using mathematical operations.

7) A man was in love with a widow. He later married her and they each already had children. 10 years later there was a huge quarrel engaging the present family of 12 children. The mother ran to the Father and cried, "Come immediately! your children and my children are fighting our children!" As the parents now had each 9 children of their own, how many were born during the 10 years?

8) Generate a formula for this series: 1, 3, 6, 10, 15...

9) A & B are children of C & D. B is the brother of A, also B is the only son of C. How are A & B related?

10) Jennifer accidentally fell out of the window of a 100-storey building onto the ground but she miraculously survived. How is it possible?

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