Healthy competition

Updated: May 19, 2019

When one observes the Olympic players, they find that the players love being on the team, striving, giving their very best to represent their country which paves the way to win medals. Some are in it just to win the medals but some are in it for the love of the game.

The author, David M Perry from says that Prof. Domina told him, “The consensus among youth/developmental psychologists is that competitiveness is a double-edged sword. On the one hand the desire to win a competition is a powerful motivator. On the other hand, a kid who is motivated primarily by a desire to win is likely to struggle disproportionately as a result of very predictable challenges. Put simply: If all I want to do is win, I’m likely to give up after losing.” So train your children to enjoy the competition and to love it.

Healthy competitions encourage children to work very hard to achieve. The result is their measurement of success which in turn should motivate them to be better at what they do.

To train the kids to be a winner, always teach the kids to have their eyes on the prize. The eventual goal is not the trophy or the medal but the eventual goal being to bring out the unique qualities that God had initially blessed them with. To learn to perfect these qualities, the children should learn, sometimes go through challenges, compete and practice.

It is easier to win the competition, if we have won the battlefield in our minds. What we hear is what we think on, what we think on is what we believe and what we believe is how we act.

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” – Joyce Meyer

Motivate your kids to be the winners they are. Do not do negative talking with them. Don’t call them stupid and expect them to get good grades. Encourage them and strengthen them from the inside out. The quality of our life depends on our mind a lot. So, train your kids to have a positive and healthy winning attitude.

“Fear of failure can prevent kids from trying things that are hard and thus reducing their growth and likelihood of success.” – Ramit Varma and Jake Neuberg

I personally know a man called Sam from Palliyadi in Tamil Nadu. He had failed in the tenth grade but later on followed Biblical principles in his life and went on to become the Managing Director of a big firm overseas. He also became a preacher sharing the principles and helping many lives. Failure and challenges in life made him seek the truth, which further taught him commitment, hard work, patience, determination, decision-making and problem solving skills.

When kids learn to cope with failure and overcome it and learn ways to be successful from the parents at a young age, they can be successful in every stage of life overcoming challenges that come their way.

To sum it up, you have to train your children every day to love what they do (studies), to keep their eyes on the prize, to win the challenges in their mind first, to have a positive and healthy winning attitude, to get up and keep striving after a failure and to seek the truth and employ specific strategy to accomplish the best results.

You can also find out your child’s strength, areas of interest, gifts in special field and unique talents. Some examples are –
  • Academic skills

  • Art & Music

  • Physical Activity

  • Volunteering Skills

  • Oratorical Skills

  • Writing Skills etc.

Check if their school hosts competitions for those talents, if they don’t, you can check online for competitions that you can enroll your kid in your locality. Always accompany your children to such events and competition to protect and motivate them. Also make sure to tell your children:

  • To participate in the competition without the pressure of winning.

  • To give their best effort.

  • To get enrolled in some training session if they want to enhance their skill.

  • Give God the glory when they are successful.

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