5 Tips On How To Start A New Academic Year

The beginning of a new academic year is a chance for a fresh start for both the parents and the children. These five simple tips will help you as a parent and your children transit from the vacation time to school time.

Talk to your kids about the upcoming academic year

Children usually experience post-holiday blues at the end of their summer holidays. You can help them overcome this by getting them excited about the new academic year. You can talk to them about the teachers they hope to have, the new friends they will make, or the new subjects they will learn etc.

Share your own experiences

Share your own experiences with your children to help them feel at ease. You can tell them of your own first day of the class they are about to start or the types of issues you came upon and how you solved them. You can also ask your children speak to a family friend or a relative who has a child who got promoted from the class your children are moving into.

Help them get organised

Let them get involved along with you in purchasing stationery, uniforms and school shoes and so on. Help them in labeling their books, downloading materials to study, reading through new books, organizing their bag and preparing study schedule too.

Help meeting their needs

If your children are going to a new school, they might feel a little anxious. You should explain things like: where they need to take the bus, who to approach for any issues, which way to return back home if they are doing it by themselves and any alternate route available and so on.

Heading back to normal routines

To make sure that their first day back to school isn’t too overwhelming, it’s important to start encouraging normal sleeping and eating habits a week before they go to school.

Doing these small things will help you in your final days of vacation.

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