How to overcome difficulty in retaining subject matter for your exams?

Are you working hard but still failing to get good results in exams? At times you may get poor marks in your exam due to problems at home, low self-confidence, bad writing and presentation, test anxiety or improper revision techniques. But sometimes it is because you are unable to retain the subject matter in your exams.

Whether you are a college student or school student, these techniques may help you remember facts:

1. Mnemonics: You can translate the information into a statement form that you can easily remember. For example, to remember the colour code for the resistor in electricity, you can simply memorize:

BB ROY of Great Britain had a Very Good Wife.

Here, Black is 0, Brown – 1, Red – 2, Orange – 3, Yellow – 4, Green – 5, Blue – 6, Violet – 7, Grey - 8, White – 9.

2. Make your own songs or poems: You can make your own song or poem about the topic you want to remember. For example, to remember a fact about gravity, you can simply remember this poem:

Gravity helps us stay on the ground,

It stops us from flying around.

In the absence of air resistance, no matter the weight,

All fall down simultaneously at the same rate.

3. Make up a story: To remember lot of information, you can make up a story linking together each piece of information. For example, if you need to memorize a big chemical reaction, you can make up a little story in which the actions of the characters reflect those of the molecules in the reaction.

4. Practical experience: You can learn a lot from doing things practically than from memorizing things from the book. For example, if you’re learning about a scientific experiment, try to perform the experiment so that you can later recall what really happened when you performed the experiment.

5. Picture memory: You can arrange your notes in a pictorial fashion, where you have the concept in the middle or at the top and arrows pointing out of it to different pieces of information. For example,

So hope these 5 simple tricks will greatly help you to increase your capacity for learning all kinds of facts and figures.

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