6 Steps to get your children to get good grades.

Updated: May 18, 2019

When I began my career, I wanted all my students to get good grades and I put in a lot of effort training them, but I found out that some of my students didn't quite understand the importance of grades. Here are some lessons I learnt after various approaches to get them to care for their grades-

1. Talk to your children.

Talk to your children that grades do not matter much. Talk to them of the long term benefit of education and how well they can be if they study well. Trust me, children don't do well in grades if the focus is just on the grades. Help them envision living in mansions, taking beautiful vacations, helping the needy and tell them all of this is possible if they put all their effort in educating themselves. You could even take them to physical locations to help them visualize.

2. Guide them to evaluate their test.

After teaching them a particular topic, give them a test in that topic and after completion, provide the answer key and ask them to evaluate it. This helps them to see where they have committed mistakes and helps them avoid it the next time. This method is the most efficient method.

3. Language is the key.

Language plays an important role. If they don't understand the questions being asked, they definitely won't know the answer even if the subject is mathematics. If the questions are being asked in English language, they need to be trained especially in that language.

4. Re-test, Re-test & Re-test.

Encourage the children to take re-tests if they didn't perform well earlier. Be patient with them and give them plenty of chances to improve.

5. Maintain personal record sheet.

Ask the children to maintain a personal record sheet, where they can record the marks obtained and evaluate it for themselves. This helps them understand the significance of good grades. Give sufficient columns to enter re-test marks as well. Reward them with something small every time they try even if they don't do well comparing to the previous time. Reward them with something best when they perform well.

You can download free personal record sheet here.

6. Motivation is the key.

Motivation is the key to unlock the door towards their success. Boost their confidence level and help build up their trust and confidence.

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