Tips to follow on the day of your exam

1) Wake up early.

2) Re-check day/time/venue of the exam.

3) Have a balanced breakfast.

4) Re-check if you have ID/hall ticket, stationery, etc.

5) Go to the exam center early.

6) Avoid other students who are nervous of the exam.

7) Go to the washroom before the exam starts.

8) Follow instructions in the exam hall.

9) Read all the questions and quickly plan how much time to allocate to each.

10) If you are nervous, don't read the whole question paper, just start answering the questions that you feel most confident about.

11) Don’t spend more time than you planned on a particular section.

12) Don’t be afraid to ask the examiner if you are not clear on a question.

13) Review your answers before handing back the paper.


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