Spoken English & Hindi Classes

Spoken Hindi Class

Spoken Hindi classes are designed to develop your skills by increasing your fluency and confidence. Each class focuses on speaking and listening in order to develop students' communicative ability. 


One-to-one Hindi language training is the most intensive way to learn the language thereby improving your language skills. The format of the lessons can be determined as per your needs. Students joining these classes are assessed for level and allocated to an appropriate class.

Spoken English Class

This class is a favorite among many of our clients, as it is the key to good communication. Our job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve fluency in English. After several sessions, you will become well-versed in English language. Students joining this class are assessed for level and allocated to an appropriate class.

Classes Available For Students & Adults:

  1. Beginner Level 

  2. Intermediate Level

  3. Advanced Level

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